Female to Male Top Surgery in Perth

What is Female to Male Top Surgery?

Female to Male Top Surgery (FTM), Transgender Chest Surgery or Gender Cosmetic Mastectomy, is a surgical procedure performed to remove the breasts and shape a more masculine chest. The procedure includes the removal of breast tissue and excess skin, while properly repositioning and reconstructing the nipple area.

Top surgery/gender reassignment in Perth

Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon (FRCS)  has comprehensive experience in bilateral mastectomy and chest contouring that alters the female breast to mimic and function as a male form. However, several technical aspects need to be considered beforehand.

FTM Top Surgery is usually performed by two different techniques, depending on the patient’s breast size and physical appearance. Bilateral Mastectomy is a technique performed in patients with larger breasts, while the Perialeoral approach is applicable for patients with smaller breasts.

What are the benefits of Female to Male Top Surgery?

Since the effect of testosterone to reduce breasts in trans men is minimal, FTM Top Surgery plays an important role in relieving gender dysphoria.

Some of the benefits that FTM Top Surgery patients experience are:

  • Significant improvements in psychological and social functioning
  • Enhanced body confidence
  • More masculine look
  • Lower future risk of breast cancer

Am I a Good Candidate?

  • Unhappy with your breast shape and size
  • Have realistic expectations before undergoing surgery
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Non-smoker, or a smoker willing to quit
  • 18+ years old
  • Able to make a decision based on complete information and to consent to the surgery

Then you may be a good candidate for FTM Top Surgery.

FTM Top Surgery Before & After

Want to see more ‘real patient’ FTM Top Surgery before and after photographs, performed in Accredited Perth Hospitals by Dr Briggs, a highly experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

What Should I Know About Having Female to Male Top Surgery?

Before the operation, you will have an appointment with a surgeon to determine and completely check your health and set a plan for your surgical approach..

This is a good time to ask questions to make sure you understand the procedure and to fully understand the reasons but also the risks of the surgery. Your surgeon will decide which surgical technique is best for your case.

Depending on your medical record, you will receive pre-operation instructions that may include:

  • Not eating or drinking for at least 12 hours before the operation
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications
  • Refrain from smoking
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol

FTM Top Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthesia, which means you won’t be conscious during surgery. Dr Briggs will make an incision around your chest and remove the breast and other tissues that need to be removed.

The incision is then closed with sutures.

Recovery From FTM Top Surgery

After surgery, you may feel pain and stiffness. The first couple of days are usually the most uncomfortable.

Your surgeon and anaesthetist will prescribe some pain medication, but the pain level shouldn’t exceed a moderate level.

You can expect going back to work or school 2-4 weeks after the surgery, depending on the surgical technique that Dr Briggs has performed and your overall health.

Most patients can go back to their usual physical activities 6-8 weeks after the surgery.

Swelling and pain will gradually decrease in the first couple of weeks, but you will have to sleep on your back for at least 10 days to minimise the pressure on your chest.

Dr Briggs will give you specific recommendations to minimise the scarring. Note that scarring can be dramatically increased by not following the advice given by Dr Briggs and his team.

Some FTM Top Surgery methods require patients to use drains for some time to prevent fluid accumulation.

FTM Top Surgery Cost

Every patient is different, therefore the prices vary. You will be given a price quote after your first consultation.

Your FTM surgery quote will include your surgeon’s fee, anaesthetist’s fee and the hospital fees.

It is advisable to check with your private health insurer to find out if you are covered for the surgery before you proceed.

How Can I Pay For Plastic Surgery

Risks & Complications of FTM Surgery

Like every surgical procedure, FTM Top Surgery comes with certain risks and complications:

After Surgery
  • Risk of Infection
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Scar formation
  • Numbness under the arms
  • Blood accumulation
  • Stiffness
  • Dissatisfaction with the results
  • Reduction or complete loss of the nipple sensation
  • Failed nipple graft

Why Choose Dr Patrick Briggs?

With a wealth of experience and training, Dr Patrick Briggs is dedicated to best-practice patient care and education, customising FTM Top Surgery for each and every patient to best meet their needs and desired surgical outcomes.
Dr Patrick Briggs is fully qualified with current ASPS and ASAPS memberships. Also, when choosing a Plastic Surgeon word of mouth is always a great way to gain further knowledge.
Our Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Patrick Briggs offers high quality, natural-looking surgical results and is highly experienced in gender confirmation surgeries.


Q: How can I know which surgical method is best for me?

A: The best way to find out is by consulting your surgeon. Not all patients and body types are the same. FTM Top Surgery is a highly personalised surgical procedure that differs for each and every patient.

Q: What are the effects of hormones on the breast?
A: Usually, hormone therapy doesn’t assist with a significant change in breast size of FTM patients.

Q: When can I shower after FTM Top Surgery?

A: You can shower after you have been advised By Dr Briggs at your first post-op appointment but please keep your incision away from direct contact with water. Using wet wipes to keep clean can help in the first days after the surgery.

Q: How long will I have to stay in a hospital?

A: Some patients are discharged the same day, some stay overnight. It depends on the method performed and how you are feeling.

Q: Will I wear chest garment after the FTM Top Surgery?

A: It is recommended to wear a compression garment to help the recovery process and get a better result.

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