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Non- Surgical Gummy Smile Correction Perth

Dr Briggs Offers Gummy Smile Correction in Perth

Many patients are troubled by showing too much of their gums when they smile. Your smile can affect your self-image, and influence the quality of your interactions with others. Many people refrain from laughing or smiling because they are uncomfortable with their smile. Dr Briggs offers gummy smile correction in Perth.

According to dental and plastic surgeons, the “ideal smile” sees the upper lip drape over the top of the teeth, with only two millimetres of gum showing. Anything over three to four millimetres of gum showing starts to look “gummy”.

In the past a gingivectomy the removal of gum tissue was the only option and this was costly and painful.

With the introduction of wrinkle relaxers an increasing number of plastic surgeons can now offer an alternative to patients.

It may be possible, should you be a suitable candidate to decrease the amount of gum showing with the very selective use of a wrinkle relaxer to lessen the strength of the muscle that lifts up the lip.

This is a very straight forward procedure done with two tiny injections at the surgeons practice and is extremely affordable.

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