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Neck Lift in Melbourne

Neck Lift Surgery in Melbourne

Dr Patrick Briggs offers neck lift surgery in Melbourne. Neck lifts can complement the effects of a face lift, or can work on their own to significantly enhance and restructure a key area of your facial appearance. Dr Patrick Briggs is a reputable surgeon in Melbourne; highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable in the procedures and many reasons why patients would like extensive cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

Neck Lift

Loose skin, fatty deposits, and the natural ageing process are the main reasons why many of our clients opt for neck lift surgery. There are a variety of methods and treatments that can form part of a neck lift but, like all the treatments we conduct at the Dr Patrick Briggs practice, procedures and goals are assessed on a patient-by-patient basis.

What are the benefits of having a Neck Lift?

To Help Reverse the Obvious Signs Of Ageing, A Neck Lift Procedure Can Help To:
  • Reduce excess, sagging skin along the jaw and neck
  • Restore a more defined jaw and neckline
  • Tighten up the neck for a firmer appearance
  • Decrease the lines around your jaw, neck and upper decolletage 
  • Lift and tighten the deep neck muscles to refresh your appearance

Am I a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Do you suffer from:
  • prominent neck bands
  • an unsightly “turkey neck”
  • the double chin appearance
  • a ‘chook’ neck (wobbly skin hanging down beneath the chin and jawline)
  • neck wrinkles or deep neck skin folds
  • a bulging or heavy-looking neckline
Has having this type of neck – or having an indistinguishable jawline – caused you to?
  • dislike looking at photos of yourself especially from the side
  • feel a reduced self-confidence when you’re having photos taken or meeting someone for the first time in a date or interview
  • look older than you wish
  • experience clothing tightness around your neckline
  • have to wear large open neck shirts to accommodate neck girth
  • feel less attractive and less feminine
Neck Lift Gallery

Want to see more ‘real patient’ Neck Lift before and after surgery photographs, performed in Accredited Melbourne Hospitals by Dr Briggs, a highly experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon?

What Can I Expect During Surgery?

The surgical neck lift itself is usually conducted on an overnight basis. The actual procedure itself can vary greatly depending on the exact nature of the neck lift. In some instances, we may have to make surgical incisions around your jaw line in order to remove loose or sagging skin, to improve the appearance of the overall area.

Recovery time can vary depending on the type of surgical work that was done, your age, your general health and the condition of your skin prior to the operation.

Treatment does not end when you leave. We are particularly proud of the aftercare we give to our patients. You will be provided with information, advice and further treatment programs that you will need in order to enjoy the results of your surgery for many years to come.

When it comes to your neck you will want a clear indication of the plastic surgery you require and the process involved. Dr Patrick Briggs adheres to extremely high professional standards. Your best interests are of paramount importance to our whole team, which means all your concerns and questions are welcome, and addressed with care.

Risks and Complications of the Face Lift Surgery

When a neck lift is performed, complications are infrequent and usually minor. Still, individuals vary greatly in their anatomy, their physical reactions, and their healing abilities, and the outcome is never completely predictable. You can reduce your risks by closely following your surgeon’s advice both before and after surgery.


It is important to remember, this surgery is not an exact science. A neck lift is a serious and lengthy surgery so there are certainly risks to consider. That noted, it can help provide an improved quality of life in those areas of life that were compromised by your concerns about excess or sagging skin, and deep line and wrinkles.

Neck lift surgery incurs risks and complications like all invasive surgery. Dr Briggs will make you aware of potential complications during your consultation. Like general anaesthesia, bleeding (Haematoma), infection, wound healing, deep vein thrombosis, scarring and numbness. Always stay informed and healthy, do not smoke before or after your procedure and read and understand your risks.

Recovering from Neck Lift Surgery

Post-Operative Recovery

The length of your recovery period will depend on your specific procedure and other health & lifestyle factors. Recovery times can vary significantly from person to person. The general rule, however, is that you should allow 2-4 weeks for initial recovery following your surgery. Scar maturation can take up to a year.

You will need to work with Dr Briggs to allow for adequate and proper healing time. It is important to consult with him before returning to daily activities such as driving, lifting and exercise.

It is also important to wear the post-operative compression garments throughout your recovery period for the designated time frames.

Good results depend on a collaborative approach and a healthy lifestyle. You will need to be willing to follow the specific instructions given to you by Dr Briggs and his team and attend all post-operative appointments.

Maintaining Your Results

Please keep in mind that your results from Neck Lift surgery or may be impacted by fluctuations in your skin health or weight, as well as the effects of gravity and the natural process of ageing as well as climate and environment.

Although a Neck Lift will help to rejuvenate and refresh your appearance, it does not stop the process of ageing.

To maximise the longevity of your Neck Lift surgery results, it is important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. We also recommend following a regular, high-quality, anti-ageing skincare regime.

How Much Does A Neck Lift Cost?

Item Numbers

Average Neck Lift surgery prices in Melbourne, Australia vary depending on who you choose and what approach they believe will suit you best. A Specialist Plastic Surgeon may start from $20,000 but this can change considerably if other procedures are added. It depends on what procedure you’re having and if you’re combining surgery (such as an Eyelid lift and Neck Lift, or a neck lift with a chin augmentation). 

The qualifications and expertise of the Surgeon performing your operation also count. Dr Briggs can offer you a price range for your surgery depending on the type of procedure, hospital and how long you are in hospital.

What Is Included in My Quote?

Option for your neck lift surgery will be discussed and recommendations or options will be offered by Dr Briggs. You will then be given a detailed quote for your chosen procedure. This will include a Surgeon’s fee, Anaesthetist fee and the hospital fees. There is a waiting period before you can have/schedule surgery due to cosmetic surgery elective procedure guidelines. An approximate range of out-of-pocket expense for your Neck Lift surgery can be provided over the phone from Dr Briggs administrative team – call us on 1300 264811

To gain a general understanding of the costs and spending involved in your chosen surgical procedure feel free to contact us at any time. You can also find out more about how to pay for your surgery in this article – How Can I Pay For Plastic Surgery?

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