Facial Procedures

Dr Patrick Briggs conducts a wide variety of cosmetic facial procedures that are tailored to the unique and individual requirements of our patients. We conduct all our facial procedures to the highest possible standards, and always aim to keep our patients fully informed of the options that are open to them.

We will consider many factors when assessing your suitability for a cosmetic facial procedure; these include your age, the condition of your skin, and if you are prepared to undertake the specific pre-surgery skin conditioning regime Dr Briggs thinks is appropriate for your skin.

The bottom line is that if we don’t think that you are a suitable candidate for facial surgery and that the outcome would not be beneficial for you, we will not proceed with the surgery. The people that can best vouch for how professional we are in this regard are those that we have advised not to undertake facial surgery.

We believe that our ethical approach to the work that we do helps to build trust between us and all of our potential clients. We have been operating successfully for many years in the wonderful city of Perth, and it is only by working honestly and openly with all of our patients that we have been able build such a long standing and successful business.

The harsh effects of the Australian sun can be one of the key causes of skin ageing in women and it is not a crime to want to look the best that you can all of the time. By working with Dr Patrick Briggs and his dedicated team you can reduce the toll that time has taken on your skin.

Plastic surgery of the face can take up to ten years off the average patient, and even more in some cases. We offer complete after care programmes to all of our patients, this ensures that you are able to continually benefit from your facial procedure for many years after the initial surgery.

Dr Briggs combines ground breaking medical advancements in the facial surgery process, with the latest techniques and technologies, to ensure that you get a brilliant result from your facial surgery first time every time. With over three decades of experience in the medical profession, you can be confident that Dr Briggs has the best possible qualifications and training to conduct your surgery to the very highest of standards.

Take some time to look over the various surgical and non-surgical facial procedures that we currently conduct. If you need any more help, information advice or just want a friendly chat about the options open to you please contact us and one of our team would be delighted to speak with you.

So call us now for all the facts and none of the fiction about plastic surgery of the face.

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