Breast Augmentation

Dr Patrick Briggs is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has over two decades of experience in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. Dr Briggs has performed countless breast procedures and continues to offer breast augmentation in Perth (AKA breast implants, boob job, breast enhancement, breast enlargement) . This combined with a team of highly experienced medical staff guarantees your care and support are a priority. All of Dr Briggs patients are provided with the highest level of individual care. If you are considering breast augmentation in Perth, please contact us today!

The procedures vary from breast enlargements and reductions, right through to breast lifts and general enhancements to shape, texture and appearance. While no breast surgery is the same, Dr Briggs’ specialised skills can be classified into three types of breast surgery.

  • Breast augmentation; a surgery that is performed using silicone implants to increase the size and or improve the shape of the breasts
  • Breast reduction; commonly referred to as ‘Mammoplasty’, this procedure removes excess breast tissue and skin, to create smaller, better shaped breasts. If required, the size of the areola (darker skin surrounding the nipple) can also be reduced. The goal is to have attractive breasts proportionate to the rest of your body
  • Mastopexy (breast lift): this procedure will reshape sagging breasts and improve breast form. The aim is not to change the size of your breasts, but to restore breasts to a more youthful and attractive shape.

Each of these procedures should only be performed by a licensed, specialist plastic surgeon who aims to do what’s best for your body in a skillful, effective manner. Dr Briggs’ prides himself on fulfilling these essential prerequisites which is why many people enjoy peace of mind and world-class results in his care.

Undergoing breast surgery is a very personal decision that depends on the individuals wants and needs. When Dr Briggs performs surgery the goal is to not only enhance the body’s natural features but to create realistic aesthetically pleasing results.
With this in mind, you may be deciding what type of breast surgery would be best for you.

Breast Augmentation

While every woman’s decision to have surgery is different, there are a few common reasons for undergoing breast augmentation surgery. Many women consider having breast surgery because their breasts either didn’t fully develop, or they developed unevenly. There is also the simple reason that they might desire their breasts to be a larger size. Some have experienced changes in their breast size and shape after pregnancy or weight change, or simply with age. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to undergo breast augmentation surgery, Dr Briggs maintains the principle that it isn’t about creating big breasts, it is about creating beautiful breasts.

Breast Reduction

Large, heavy breasts make women physically and psychologically uncomfortable. The excess weight can cause back and neck pain, skin irritations, skeletal deformities and, in some instances, breathing difficulties. These challenges have made many teenaged girls and women extremely self-conscious about the size of their breasts, which is why most seek breast reduction surgery.

Mastopexy (breast lift)

Ideally, the nipple and areola are level with the centre of the upper arm. However, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and the simple passage of time can cause volume loss and elasticity, leaving the nipples at a lower level. Unlike breast reduction surgery, breast uplifts do not aim to change the size of your breasts, they’re designed to restore breasts to more youthful and attractive shapes.

As breasts lose their elasticity, sections of slack and redundant skin are removed, the tissue inside the breast is then reshaped, and some stretch marks, but not all, may be removed. Breast lift surgery may also be combined with breast augmentation to restore the shape and volume.

At your consultation with Dr Briggs he will advise what surgery is best for you and your body along with the options that are suitable for you. From this you will be able to make an informed decision that will give you the optimal result for you as an individual.

Generally speaking, this type of procedure will involve an initial consultation with Dr Briggs. This is where you will discuss what you are hoping to achieve from surgery and then receive comprehensive information on what options are most suitable for you.

Dr Briggs will take you through the detailed process involved to reach your proposed goal.

In the privacy of our Perth-based clinic he will take relevant measurements and advise you on the best choice for your particular body shape and height. Within the consultation you will also discuss the risks related to breast surgery and what you to expect during your recovery period. (There is also an opportunity for you to try different breast implant sizes with one of Dr Brigg’s team, if applicable to your surgery.) Once you’re ready to go ahead, Dr Briggs experienced team will take care of your surgery planning and scheduling. They will also walk you through the entire process from start to finish so that you know what to expect at every stage of your journey.

Generally speaking, the cost of the procedure is often a deciding factor for someone hoping to undergo breast augmentation or breast implants. Ideally, any potential patient could benefit from getting in touch with Dr Briggs’ office directly and discuss options, prices and fees.

In every instance, our team will strive to help our patients to feel as comfortable and welcome as possible, allowing you to focus on what’s most important; the ideal breasts to suit your expectations.

We will always base our prices in a fair, unbiased manner that benefits you as our client. With each breast surgery being planned meticulously we can identify key areas that may appeal to you, as well as being able to offer advice and guidance to help you to keep your costs low; all without sacrificing on quality.

To give you a better idea of our surgery prices, we prefer to be as transparent as possible. There are typically 4 key factors that contribute to the cost of your breast surgery, as detailed below:

  • Any hospital fees required, particularly those that relate to the duration and complexity of the breast surgery and whether a day or overnight stay in hospital may be necessary after the surgery
  • The costs of anaesthetic, which will be applied by a trained and experienced professional for your reassurance and comfort
  • Surgical fees, namely those that our Dr and surgeons charge in order to carry out the procedure
  • Breast Implant costs – if applicable to your surgery

Dr Briggs has developed package prices for certain procedures to offer competitive pricing to patients. With these affordable prices, there is no reduction or sacrifice on the quality of our services. Instead, our fully trained and experienced team consistently strive to assist our patients in having the best experience and receiving the upmost care. These prices are some of the most affordable and competitive in Perth

All prices mentioned below include a surgeon fee, anaesthetist fee, garment and hospital fees; as well as 6 weeks care for the post-operation period.

Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation$15,500
Breast Augmentation Complete $10,780
Mastopexy (Breast Lift)$10,000
Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation$15,500
Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation$15,500

Please note Breast Reduction Surgery pricing can differ depending on if the patient has private health insurance. However as not all patients have private health insurance we are currently in the process of developing a breast reduction package for patients who are uninsured.

As flexible and affordable as our prices are, we still understand that not everyone will find themselves in a position to splash out on breast surgery immediately. This is why we are proud to offer additional payment solutions to all of our clients.

It’s our goal to not only help you to enjoy an enhanced physical appearance as far as your breasts are concerned, but also to minimise your stress and worry concerning the procedure. It’s our willingness to help, courteous approach to our services and enthusiastic team that has led to our clinic being recognised as one of the most exclusive surgeries in Perth.

Although we don’t offer payment plans directly, we are more than happy to accept applications that have been made via third party lenders to help you with covering the costs associated with breast augmentation or breast implant surgery.

This will depend on the type of breast surgery that you’ve opted for, but typically following your initial consultation, you will be given a folder with all the information you need to guide you through this process.

You’ll be involved throughout and Dr Briggs and his team will be available to provide feedback and guidance to your surgeon to help with achieving your desired result.

Breast surgeries are widely regarded as some of the safest in the world. With our team, your entire procedure will be monitored closely, minimising any risks and maximising our results.

The length of recovery can vary from person to person, but generally speaking – we recommend a recovery period of between 6 and 8 weeks.

Breast surgery is fairly straight forward, with incisions being made and any enhancements or modifications taking place at this point – and the recovery period can be just as simple as long as you are being monitored and guided by our experts.

During breast surgery itself our clients have reported 0% pain – and this is down to the fact that we carefully monitor anaesthetic levels throughout the process.

There can be some discomfort after both breast augmentation and breast implant surgery and during the recovery phase; but this is relatively easy to manage with medication such as painkillers, or other options that may be better suited to your needs.

If you’ve opted for larger breasts, you should immediately notice the size difference – and the same can be said for general modifications, enhancements and breast reductions, too. There may be some swelling that contributes to the change in appearance, however.

In our experience, the impact of breast swelling can vary from person to person. In most cases, the swelling can begin to subside after a matter of days, but this is part of the reason why we closely monitor changes and utilise effective medications such as anti-inflammatories (where necessary) to speed the recovery process along.

This is best discussed during one of your face to face meetings with our team – but as with most pre-surgery protocol, there will be a fasting period before your operation of approximately 6 hours.

There are several ways to prepare, including mental and physical preparation. Mentally, you might want to take some time to relax – with many of our clients reporting that meditation and yoga have helped them greatly. Physically, eating well can help to speed up the recovery period and exercise can be helpful when it comes to increasing blood flow around the body.

We include a variety of aftercare services in our breast modification package – from reviews to ensure that you are recovering as expected, through to assistance and support provided by our team.

We’ll typically discuss this with you before your breast surgery has taken place – but to give you an idea of the frequency of visits, 1 week post op, then 3 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and then yearly visits.

Bleeding, swelling and even discharge from the nipples can be common symptoms that occur after breast surgery. Pain can also be present, but if you are especially concerned it’s always worth getting in touch.

The typical age to undergo breast surgery in Australia is 18, but it can be 21 depending on your state.

Reactions are very rare, but this is why we strive to learn as much about you as possible to avoid these types of concerns.

It certainly can – in fact, some people opt to have their breast implants changed, replaced, or removed as their needs and preferences change.

Certainly not; plenty of people enjoy enhancing their breasts further, making other changes or enjoying minor modifications.

Yes. In fact, we strive to meticulously plan out the final appearance of your breasts. Dr Briggs and his team take you through a sizing process that gives you as accurate an idea as possible of what your breast will look like post-surgery. From patient feedback this can be better that the breast imagery done at other clinics.

We strive to aim for the most accurate results possible – and this is why so many people choose our clinic to undergo their breast surgeries. We follow careful guidelines and adhere to the strictest protocols to ensure that the final result is as you envisioned.

To learn more about breast augmentation or breast implants you can book yourself a one-on-one consultation, or for a free, no obligation quote; simply get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll do everything in our power to look after your needs.

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