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Torsoplasty / Belt Lipectomy in Melbourne

Torsoplasty / Belt Lipectomy Surgery in Melbourne, VIC

A Torsoplasty also called belt lipectomy surgery,  circumferential body lift or lower body lift is a surgery used to remove the excess skin and fat around your abdomen. This lower body lift surgery is suitable for patients who have had massive weight loss and have excess loose skin rolls around the tummy.

A belt lipectomy or 360o abdominoplasty combines a tummy tuck with other body modifying procedures to achieve a more extensive result following significant weight loss. A circumferential abdominoplasty/torsoplasty can address the front, back and sides of your abdomen, your inner and outer thighs as well as your buttocks.

Like an abdominoplasty, a belt lipectomy is often combined with some liposuction to address both extra skin and contour other body areas.

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Am I a Candidate for Torsoplasty / Belt Lipectomy

You are an ideal candidate for this procedure if you have you have a large amount of excess skin or fat at the lower abdomen, back, buttock or thigh. If you have lost a significant amount of weight through diet, exercise or bariatric surgery you can undergo this procedure to tighten your excess saggy skin and tissue.

If you have excess loose skin after pregnancy or multiple births you may be an ideal candidate.

Benefits of Belt Lipectomy

If you have undertaken a weight loss transformation, your body may not look the way you want it to be. As you gained weight, your skin stretched, and now you may have some residual excess skin and tissues after extreme weight loss. This excess stretched skin issue is rarely eliminated by diet or exercise alone.

A Belt Lipectomy is a procedure that can help to tighten up the saggy skin around your waist, hips and thighs. It is an effective procedure with a good recovery and only a few side effects like a scar around your middle at the incision site that fades over time.


Belt Lipectomy Procedure

Initially, Dr Briggs will ask you to come to the hospital after an 8-hour fasting state. After you have been admitted he will check with you again about the procedure before getting you to an operation theatre.

The first step in the surgery is anaesthesia. An anaesthetist will give you general anaesthesia that will make you sleep so you do not feel anything during the process. Moreover, your anaesthetist will monitor your blood pressure, heart rate and pulse. 

Dr Briggs works only with Specialist Anaesthetists for procedures performed under general anaesthetic, including the Belt Lipectomy procedure.

To get rid of extra skin and fat, Dr Briggs will cut at the junction of your buttocks and lower back. A cut is also made at your front lower belly to remove the additional fat and skin. After removing the extra fat and skin Dr Briggs will join your skin back together using suturing material to create a better body contour.

A surgical dressing is applied on the wound and you will be shifted out of operation theatre to the post-operative room where you have to stay for about 6-8 hours.

In cases that require the removal of fat, liposuction is performed before removing excess skin. Any essential repairs to the abdominal wall (such as hernia repair) usually can be made at the time of the procedure.

Recovery after a Belt Lipectomy

After the procedure, whilst still in the hospital, you may see a thin tube beneath your skin draining the fluid that builds up in your wound. You may also feel some discomfort at the incision site but it can be treated with pain medication.

Normally, you are discharged after a 1 or 2-night stay at the hospital if you are healing as expected. Normally, you can also start eating and drinking within one to two days.

A medical compression garment is to be worn at all times – except while bathing – until you are told by Dr Briggs that it is no longer needed. Dressings are generally removed 5-7 days after surgery, and showering is allowed at that time, however major activities must be avoided for a few weeks.

You may be advised by Dr Briggs to limit your movement to let the wound heal quickly and it can take a week or two to return to light physical activity. Restrictions on your activities could include no strenuous exercise and no lifting of heavy objects. Light walking is encouraged; however, further exercise is not recommended until sufficient healing has taken place. Complete return to normal activity will take at least 4-6 weeks if proper precautions are taken.

Most people require four to six weeks recovery time before returning to normal activities, and generally from six to eight weeks before exercising, due to the sensitivity on the incisions and scarring.

To ensure a successful outcome of your belt lipectomy surgery, you are required to follow your surgeon’s instructions very carefully. Do not place any pressure on the treated area. Approximately 75% of the swelling dissipates at six weeks and 90% at three months. The incisions mustn’t be subjected to excessive force, swelling, abrasion, or motion during healing.

After Surgery

Long Term Results

In the long term, the results are remarkable because no regular follow up is required once complete recovery occurs. Results are evident soon after the surgery but it may take one or two years to get final results depending upon your diet and exercise.

If your diet is good and you take an adequate amount of proteins with regular exercise like walk and muscle-strengthening workouts results are usually long-lasting. With time, as you get older, the muscle loses its natural strength. However, you can still maintain the muscle strength by exercise. Most of the results are long term provided that exercise and diet are well-adjusted.

Risk and Complications of Belt Lipectomy

The risk involved in this procedure is usually low. The main complication of this procedure is delayed healing of scar or tearing of stitches. You may have to do work at home or workplace restriction which allows you to refrain from bending or lifting weight. Both of these activities are inadvisable for a good recovery. The tearing of stitches or opening up of the wound can cause a serious complication like an infection.

With every skin removal procedure or medical surgery, there is a possibility of complications, which can make the recovery period longer than usual. Common body lift complications include seromas (fluid accumulating under the skin) and small skin separations. Your surgeon will help to resolve these issues. Some patients experience reduced sensation in the treated area, which can be permanent. However, infection, bleeding, and blood clots are uncommon and should be addressed immediately with your doctor.

Planning the Journey

If you’re planning for a belt lipectomy you will need to see your regular doctor provide information on your health and weight loss journey to help Dr Briggs decide if you are a perfect candidate or not.

With a referral from a GP you can prepare for surgery by getting an appointment and fulfilling prerequisites to undergo surgery.


Why choose Dr Patrick Briggs

Dr Patrick Briggs’ widespread experience across multiple surgical fields has permitted him to refine his skills to produce ideal results for his patients. Combined with his experience, Dr Briggs continually attends conferences and seminars to encompass his knowledge and training surrounding the latest and best surgical techniques and equipment. By doing so he can provide his patients with the highest level of care and skill safeguarding quality results.

The body lift procedure knowledge and experience that Dr Briggs has, ensure all his patients feel safe and secure within his care.  His in-depth and empathetic nature means he is there to support his patients through every step of their surgical journey.

It is a type of surgery that is used to remove excess fat and skin from the waistline. Other names for this procedure include Torsoplasty, Circumferential Abdominoplasty, Circular Abdominoplasty, 360 Abdominoplasty, Truncal Abdominoplasty, Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Corset Body Lift Lower Body Lift, 360 Lower Body Lift, Body lift

A tummy tuck is used to remove loose skin and tissue below and above the navel. A tummy tuck is a part of belt lipectomy, but the belt lipectomy incision also remove skin all around the waistline.

A lower body lift is another name for belt lipectomy. Tummy tuck differs from lower body lift in the same way it differs from belt lipectomy that is, the tummy tuck is a part of lower body lift and lower body lift is a complete procedure.

It is just another name for belt lipectomy. It is used to remove excess fat and skin from lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks. The details of the procedure are explained above.

After going home from the hospital, sleep with head-end elevation. It can be done by using 4-5 pillows under your upper body. For up to 4 weeks you may need 45-degree upper body elevation. Knees should be flexed during sleep to prevent over-stretching of stitches.

The 360º Body Lift and blet lipectomy are alike. It involves removing and strengthening surplus fat and skin from your lower abdomen, flanks, back and hip area. It is named so because it is done in 360º around your lower abdomen.

A belt lipectomy is a surgery used to tighten your saggy abdomen and remove excess skin and fats whereas liposuction is the removal of excess fat from any body part using suction and cannulas to create a new body contour.

You will usually recover within 4-6 weeks but there should be no strenuous exercise for 7-8 weeks. Only light walking is recommended but no weight lifting or vigorous exercise is recommended. It is the normal time required for a wound to heal.

After a belt lipectomy, avoid doing strenuous exercise because it can damage your stitches. Just take a small walk around your home for a few minutes after so often to reduce chances of a clot forming. Eat good healthy food that should include protein to enhance wound healing and repair.

Most people take 2-3 weeks to return to normal activity. It takes some time to stand up straight because your muscles are stitched tightly. Full recovery takes up to 2 months if no complication occurs.

Yes, a belt lipectomy includes some degree of outer thigh lift along with a lift to the lower abdomen and buttocks.

The total cost of the procedure will include doctor fees, anesthesia fees, hospital charges and other charges like cost of medicine or stay at the hospital.

The exact cost of the procedure is difficult to calculate as it may vary depending on how much skin needs to be removed.

You will receive a quote as part of your informed financial consent after you consult with Dr Briggs

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