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Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty by Dr Patrick Briggs

Extended Tummy Tuck for excess tummy skin removal

Do you have excess skin around the tummy and hips? Do you need more excess skin removed from your love handles? Have you lost a large amount of weight? Then an Extended Tummy Tuck could be the answer.

A full tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a great way to tighten your abdomen and get rid of loose skin. However, for some people, it is simply not enough. An extended tummy tuck can remove extra skin and fat on the flanks or love handles and give you the best possible results after significant weight loss.

Dr Patrick Briggs is one of Melbourne’s leading, specialist Plastic Surgeons. He not only specialises in extended tummy tuck but many other excess skin removal procedures as well.

What is Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Having excess fat in the lower abdomen and hip region is a very common complaint amongst both men and women. It not only makes life more difficult but can reduce your confidence and happiness.

How is an extended tummy tuck different from a conventional tummy tuck? You might ask. Well, a tummy tuck typically removes loose skin from the abdominal area to give you a more toned look. While the extended version takes the entire process one step further by also working on the flanks and hip region, giving you even better results. 

Am I the right candidate for Extended Tummy Tuck surgery in Melbourne?

Am I the Right Candidate for the Surgery?

You are an ideal candidate for if you;

  • Have lost a lot of weight either with the help of diet and exercise or weight loss  surgery and are left with loose skin that folds over itself.
  • Are in generally good health with no serious illnesses such as diabetes etc.
  • Don’t smoke or drink or can quit for a specific time period (typically 4 to 6 weeks before and after the surgery).
  • Have a bulging stomach despite the weight loss due to underlying sagging muscles and excess skin.
  • Wish to contour your flanks and hip region along with the tummy area.
  • Have a stable weight for over one year and you are at your goal weight. If your weight keeps fluctuating or wish to lose more weight, it is not advisable to undergo surgery.
  • Experience prominent stretch marks around your abdominal area and hips.
  • Have sagging loose skin or a distended upper pubic region.
  • Realise that it is a body contouring procedure and not a weight-loss method and you wish to achieve more ideal body proportions
  • Have experienced childbirth and are left with loose sagging skin.
  • Are not planning to get pregnant again. If you are, it is wise to not undergo the surgery at this point.

Benefits of Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery performed by Dr Patrick Briggs

What are the Benefits of Extended Abdominoplasty

  • Well for starters, an abdominal tummy tuck contours your hips and flanks along with tightening up your abdomen.
  • You will see a major change in your body contour as it reduces the size of your waist and changes your proportions completely.
  • If you have been feeling down since you lose all that weight or after childbirth, a tummy tuck can improve your confidence and make you feel better about yourself.
  • It can also dramatically improve your posture and tone your abdominal muscles. This result cannot be achieved by anything else. It can also help improve minor incontinence.
  • It is less of a cosmetic benefit it can help corrects hernias –  especially ventral hernias. Read more about the Benefits of Tummy tuck.

How to prepare for Extended Abdominoplasty surgery.

How to Prepare for the surgery

Dr Briggs and his team will guide you on how to get ready for an extended tummy tuck but here are a few general tips to give you a brief idea:

  • If you are a smoker, you will need to quit smoking at least 4 to 6 weeks before the surgery. Smoking minimizes the blood flow which hinders the healing process.                                                     
  • Dr Briggs will ask you about the list of supplements and medications you consume on a daily basis. He may ask you to give up certain supplements and medications or offer you an alternative.
  • You may be asked to take an anti-coagulant as it prevents blood clotting.
  • You will be put under general anaesthesia during surgery, so it is important to arrange for a ride home and for someone to take care of the things around the house.

Extended Tummy Tuck Procedure

  • The procedure will begin by marking your body to ensure incisions are made in the right places.
  • The surgeon will give you anaesthesia so you can sleep comfortably through the entire process.
  • Then, the surgeon will begin by creating an incision on your stomach which will start from one hip to another. Following this, the surgeon will make an incision around the navel. Surgeons make incisions in a way that can be easily hidden under clothing and heal effectively over time.
  • The surgeon will then move on to remove extra fat and skin to achieve slimmer contours around the hips, flanks and abdominal area. 
  • After removing excess skin, the surgeon will tighten the muscles and reposition your navel.
  • To conclude the surgery your incisions will be sealed with stiches.
  • It is important to keep in mind that you will have drainage tubes to drain any excess fluid from your body.

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Recovery after Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery performed by Dr Patrick Briggs

Recovery after Extended Tummy Tuck

  • Firstly, it is important to keep in mind that each individual and body is different and everybody’s healing will differ slightly.
  • As mentioned above, you’ll have small tubes inserted in your body for drainage.
  • You will be wearing a compression garment or a bandage that will offer support and reduce swelling.
  • You won’t be able to walk straight away after the surgery but it is important to start walking soon after to ensure proper recovery. Walking gets the blood flowing and reduces the chance of blood clotting.
  • During the initial two weeks, you will experience swelling, bruising and tightness. Dr Briggs will give you pain killers and antibiotics. Make sure to take all your meds on time.
  • Avoid smoking and keep wearing your compression garment.
  • You can typically return to work or resume daily activities about two to three weeks after the surgery. However, make sure that you are not lifting any heavy weights or doing strenuous exercises.
  • Ideally, you should recover completely within a span of 6 weeks but it can vary from person to person.
  • Read more about Recovery after Plastic Surgery.
Minimising Scars after Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery by Dr Patrick Briggs

Minimising Scars after Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty

It is important to remember that all surgical procedures leave scars, even ‘so-called’ scarless methods.

Experienced plastic surgeons are extremely careful about scar placement and minimisation, with surgical scars generally fading over time with most scars being barely visible after 12 months.

We will arrange weekly post-op appointments with our specialist nursing team after your procedure. This is to ensure everything is healing well and to also monitor your progress.

You will see your surgeon and/or nurse and/or dermal team about six to eight weeks later for a scar consultation and organise scar minimisation treatments.

The Coco Ruby dermal team conducts a series of follow-up scar treatments using a customised selection of Skin Needling, Healite II LED and massaging with oils,  Fraxel Laser, V-Laser, Silicone strips, gels and Steroids can also help minimise scars. Ask the Coco Ruby Team!

Note – The length of your recovery period will depend on your procedure, health and lifestyle factors. Recovery times can vary from person to person – but resting helps you heal.

Please avoid subjecting your incision to abrasion or excessive stresses during the recovery period.

Cost of Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery in Melbourne.

How much is an Extended Tummy Tuck in Melbourne? Prices & Costs

Many extended tummy tuck patients ask about the price and whether the procedure is covered by Medicare or Private Health Insurance.

All procedures are individualized and customised to achieve the ideal results for you and your excess skin concerns. For this reason, it is hard to determine an exact price that would be valid for a tummy tuck patient without a consultation first.

During the consultation, Dr Briggs will talk to you about your wants, possibilities, and your expectations. You will also receive a specific quote for your operation after the consultation.

If you need more information, visit our pricing page to learn more about payment, approximate prices, payment methods, and more.

Medicare, Payment Plans and Funding for Extended Abdominoplasty Surgery in Melbourne

Funding Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty – Medicare, Payment Plans and Super

Some Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty procedures may be eligible for Medicare.

Purely cosmetic Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty procedures are usually NOT covered by Medicare or private health insurance so you must fund the cost of the surgery yourself.

Many patients ask about payment options and medical finance – You can learn more about payment options for funding your Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty procedure on our Funding Surgery page here.

Your super fund may also be able to help pay for your procedure in certain circumstances – visit the Super for Surgery page to find out about early release of super on compassionate grounds.

Find the best Extended Tummy Tuck Specialist Surgeon in Melbourne

How to find the best Extended Tummy Tuck surgeon in Melbourne

Your surgical results will depend on the surgeon you choose. Since extended tummy tuck is a major procedure, you’ll need a top extended tummy tuck plastic surgeon. A reputable extended tummy tuck surgeon has the following qualities:

  • A Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is a Member of ASPS 5 star online reviews from patients.
  • Extensive experience in different types of abdominoplasty.
  • Patient Before and After Photos .
  • Empathy and caring with recovery and aftercare.
  • A great support team with long term follow up.
Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery Risks and Complications

Risks and Complications of Extended Tummy Tuck

Every surgery comes with a certain degree of risk and complications. It is advisable to choose the right surgeon and the right facility. Here are the possible risks associated with the surgery:

  • Surgical anaesthesia can cause a reaction in some people.
  • Unfavourable scarring is a major side effect which is a problem for many individuals.
  • Excessive bleeding can be a major hazard to a patient’s health.
  • Infections can occur if stitches are not closed properly or if you skip your antibiotics.
  • Poor wound healing is a common problem in people who smoke or drink. It is essential to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol to accelerate the healing process.
  • Numbness can occur in the abdominal region for an extended duration.
  • There is a possibility of contour irregularities if you choose a less experienced surgeon.
  • Persistent pain is one of the rarest yet the scariest risk associated with the surgery. Some patients are left with pain for the rest of their lives.
  • Allergic relations are one of the most common risks associated with extended abdominoplasty. Some patients are allergic to anaesthesia or any other medication used during the process.
  • There are a few cases where patients have undergone revision Tummy Tuck surgeries.
Frequently Asked Questions about Extended Tummy Tuck Surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an abdominoplasty and an extended tummy tuck?

  • Abdominoplasty tightens your abdominal region from hip bone to hip bone while an extended tummy tuck also contours your flanks and hip area – usually around to the midline. Both procedures work effectively for patients depending on their aesthetic goals.

What is the difference between an extended tummy tuck and a lower body lift?

  • A lower body lift involves much more than a tummy tuck. With a lower body lift, the surgery is first done on the back and then on the front.

Is extended tummy tuck a major surgery?

  • Yes, it is major surgery. An extended tummy tuck is a more intensive procedure than a traditional tummy tuck. Some patients stay in the hospital for one night while others have to stay more than a week. With an extended tummy tuck, you will need at least 6 weeks to recover completely.

What is the best tummy tuck procedure for me?

  • The best tummy tuck procedure depends on your requirements. The surgeon will decide which type of tummy tuck will suit you best as per your aesthetic goals.

What is the difference between an extended tummy tuck and a 360 tummy tuck?

  • With an extended tummy tuck, incisions go from midline to midline on each side and across the abdomen
  • While a 360 tummy tuck, incisions go all the way around like a belt.

Does an extended tummy tuck get rid of back fat?

  • Yes, an extended tummy tuck can get rid of back fat. It is important to realize that each procedure is tailor-fitted as per individual needs.

How long will I be hunched over after extended tummy tuck?

  • You will be hunched over for at least a week after the surgery. Do not worry, it is perfectly normal.
  • It takes time to stand up straight after the surgery.
  • Its actually best if you can sleep slightly hunched over.

What are flanks?

  • Commonly known as love handles, flanks are the area between ribcage and hipbone. It is usually very difficult to lose fat in this area (and even more difficult to get rid of hanging skin). Hence, people decide to opt for an extended tummy tuck.

Does extended tummy tuck include love handles?

  • Yes, extended tummy tuck includes love handles. You can get rid of excess skin on your abdomen, love handles and hips.

What are the side effects of an extended tummy tuck?

  • Some of the side effects of extended tummy tuck surgery include;
    • Anaesthesia risks
    • Infection
    • Seroma
    • Poor wound healing
    • Excessive bleeding
    • Skin discolouration
    • Numbness
    • And extreme scarring.

Does it lift your pubic area?

  • Yes, an extended tummy tuck also lifts your pubic area.

What is the maximum BMI?

  • If your BMI is 40 and above, you cannot undergo a tummy tuck surgery.
  • So, your BMI must be 39 or below.
  • Below a BMI of 35 is better
  • And, a BMI of Below 30 is ideal.

Can an overweight person have an extended tummy tuck?

  • If you are overweight but not obese, you can still be considered an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck.
  • However, it is advised to be nearer your ideal weight before opting for an extended tummy tuck to achieve optimal results.  
  • For best results have a BMI less than 30.
  • Very few plastic surgeons will do tummy tuck surgery on patients over a BMI of 40.

Will insurance cover extended tummy tuck?

  • You may be eligible for a subsidy from Medicare and your Private Health Fund if you meet the strict criteria.

How can you tell if someone has had an extended tummy tuck?

  • Scars will be visible for at least a few years after the extended tummy tuck surgery which is a sure way to tell that person’s had a tummy tuck. Usually, these scars can be hidden under a swimsuit.

Does an extended tummy tuck make your waist smaller?

  • Yes, extended tummy tuck makes your waist small and transforms your proportions beautifully.

How many sizes do you lose with an extended tummy tuck?

  • On average, a person can lose 2 to 3 dress sizes with an extended tummy tuck.

Is an extended tummy tuck worth it?

  • It is totally worth it if you wish to get rid of excess fat and loose skin around your belly.

Do extended tummy tucks leave big scars?

  • Yes, you will have scars after the tummy tuck surgery.
  • However, surgeons ensure that they can be hidden under a swimsuit. Over time, these scars will be reduced if you follow the post-operative instructions carefully.
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Commonly combined /associated surgery

An Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty can be performed on its own or in combination with other surgical procedures such as liposuction. Extended Tummy Tuck Abdominoplasty can also be performed with a procedure on another part of the body – for example, breast and tummy surgery is commonly combined as a Mummy Makeover.

As a guide, it is best not to exceed a total of 4-6 hours of surgery and also to work on associated parts of the breast, body or face. See the blog on Combining Different Surgeries.

Dr Patrick Briggs Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Patrick Briggs Melbourne Plastic Surgeon – FRCS (Plas)

Specialist Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Melbourne

Dr Patrick Briggs is a Specialist Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. Both he and his team are dedicated to excellence in patient care and are committed to treating each and every patient with respect and privacy.

Not only does he offer high-quality results he also offers natural-looking plastic and cosmetic surgery results. Furthermore, he is experienced in Breast, Body and Face Surgery having performed over 4500 Surgeries in private practice. 

Dr Patrick Briggs is an expert in breast, face and body surgery for men and women.

How can we help?

Dr Briggs’ Patient Coordinators take pleasure in assisting you with any questions when considering a plastic surgery procedure. Please call the Hawthorn East clinic in Melbourne between 8 am – 6 pm on Weekdays.

Phone 1300 264 811Email us or Book a free 15-minute Call with Dr Patrick Briggs’s team.

What Next?

Want more information about your Procedure?

  • For more information about pricing and payment methods, please visit our page on Surgery Payment options.
  • Talk to our Patient Care Team from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday on 1300 264 811.
Dr Patrick Briggs consultation

What to Bring to Your Consultation

  • If you like, please bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices.
  • Take a lot of notes and thoroughly examine the documents your surgeon provides.
  • You may need to undress so it’s a good idea to wear simple clothes.

How to Book a Consultation

  • Dr Briggs’ Consultation fee is $300.
  • A referral from your GP or your specialist is helpful but not essential. However,
  • To claim any Medicare or Health Insurance you will need a referral.
  • Please contact the Patient Care Team at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery today to book your consultation.