What is Body Contouring or Body Lift Surgery?

A Body lift involves various combinations of surgery and liposuction in order to restore body contour to certain areas by removing loose skin. Depending on the amount of tissue that is to be removed the operation/s may be performed as a whole or sometimes sequentially. There is a limit to surgery advised at any one particular operation.

Loose skin occurs as a result of dramatic weight loss. The over-stretched dermal layer has not adapted to smaller body sizes. Having excess folds of skin after weight loss is a common problem, and one that leading Plastic Surgeon Dr Patrick Briggs from Melbourne can assist you in resolving. A body lift could include any or a combination of:


Am I a good candidate?

You may be a good candidate for Body Lift and Body Contouring Surgery if:

  • You want to remove sagging or hanging skin to restore for a more flattering body contour.
  • You suffer from body-confidence issues due to embarrassing, uncomfortable and redundant skin.
  • You have realistic expectations about what you can achieve?
  • Understand that you will have scars.
  • Reached your goal weight and have been the same weight for at least 12 months.
  • Suffer from recurring skin infections such as chaffing or intertrigo.
  • You’re uncomfortable and self-conscious in swimwear.
  • Have a fear of intimacy.


What are the benefits?

  • Firmer, lifted and youthful body appearance.
  • Remove unwanted, excess skin.
  • Restore a firmer, more sculpted body contour.
  • Regain your confidence if you are self-conscious about the appearance of excess skin.
  • Gain a more toned physique, giving you confidence to wear fitted or cooler clothes.
  • Enjoy more movement and the ability to perform daily physical activities and exercises.
Body Lift Surgery after massive weight loss in Melbourne

Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss

If you’ve lost a lot of weight after major lifestyle changes or after Bariatric procedures including Gastric Banding or Gastric sleeves, you may be considering Body Contouring procedures including liposuction and excess skin reduction (excision) to restore a firmer physique.

Once the patient’s weight has stabilised for 12 months there may be secondary folds or flaps of tissue affecting all parts of the body.

Most commonly redundant flaps of skin and fat affect the lower abdomen and not infrequently may encircle the body affecting the back as well. It also commonly affects the upper inner arms and upper inner thighs.

Body Lift involves various combinations of surgery and liposuction in order to restore body contour to these areas. Depending on the amount of tissue that is to be removed the operations may be performed as a whole or sometimes sequentially. There is a limit to surgery advised at any one particular operation.

Occasionally, weight loss affects the breasts, face and neck. Your surgeon may address these areas with a breast reduction or mastopexy, that is skin reduction with breast reshaping. Sometimes you require an augmentation mammoplasty to achieve a more pleasing breast contour.

A face and neck lift gives excellent rejuvenation to the face following weight loss procedures.

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Body Lift Surgery Recovery

Recovery after Body Lift Surgery

The length of your recovery period will depend on your procedure and other health and lifestyle factors. Recovery times can vary from person to person.

The general rule, however, is that you should allow 10-14 days for initial recovery following your Body Lift surgery. Scar maturation often takes longer, up to a year or more. You will be required to wear a firmly-fitted support garment after surgery for the period of time a surgeon advises.

Naturally, there will be a little bruising and swelling for few days after surgery. Often to our patients’ surprise, discomfort after a Body Lift is uncommon but we still prescribe painkillers to optimise your comfort. Dissolving stitches are used under the skin-these don’t leave markings and do not have to be removed.

Light office duties or other tasks may be resumed in about 2 weeks for most patients, however, this can vary. Longer periods are often required before resuming certain lifting or exercising activities – ask your Surgeon how long before you can start exercising, lifting children or grandchildren, and other heavy lifting or strenuous activities. No heavy lifting for several weeks to a few months.

We will arrange weekly appointments with our specialist nursing team after the procedure to ensure everything is healing well and to monitor your progress. You will see your consultant six to eight weeks later. It’s important to relax when you get home and avoid stretching, pulling, heavy lifting or hard exercise for at least six weeks.

The clinic will also advise you about using post-op garments. Good results depend on a collaborative approach and a healthy lifestyle. Follow instructions given to you by your Surgeon, and attend all post-operative appointments. Remember to follow post-op instructions precisely for a faster recovery.

In general, gentle walking is typically able be resumed in a few days after surgery. Your Surgeon will advise you, depending on which type of exercise you’re wanting to perform. Running, high impact or strenuous exercises need to be avoided until the time your surgeon says it’s okay.

It is important to remember that all surgical procedures leave scars, including ‘so-called’ scarless methods.

Minimise surgical scars Body Lift procedure

How can Body Lift Scars be minimised?

It is important to remember that all surgical procedures leave scars, including ‘so-called’ scarless methods.

Experienced plastic surgeons are extremely careful about scar placement and minimisation, with surgical scars generally fading over time with most scars being barely visible after 12 months.

We will arrange weekly post-op appointments with our specialist nursing team after your procedure to ensure everything is healing well and to monitor your progress.

You will see your surgeon and/or nurse and/or dermal team about six to eight weeks later to begin scar minimisation treatments.

The Coco Ruby dermal team also conducts follow-up treatments to minimise your scars using a customised selection of Fraxel Laser, V-Laser, Healite II LED and skin needling.

Silicone strips and gels can also help minimise scars. Ask the Coco Ruby Team!

The length of your recovery period will depend on your procedure and other health and lifestyle factors. Recovery times can vary from person to person.

Frequently asked questions about Body Lift Surgery in Melbourne

FAQ’s about Body Lift Surgery

Body Lift Surgery procedure costs in Melbourne

How much is a Body lift in Melbourne? Prices & Costs

The most common question for Body lift Surgery after Massive Weight Loss  is the price and whether the procedure is covered by Medicare or Private health Insurance.

All procedures are individualized and customised to achieve the ideal results for you and your excess skin. For this reason, it is hard to determine an exact price that would be valid for a body lift patient without a consultation first.

During the consultation, Dr Briggs will talk to you about your wishes, possibilities, and expectations that you have from plastic surgery. You will also receive a specific quote for your operation after the consultation.

If you need more information, visit our pricing page to learn more about payment, approximate prices, payment methods, and more.

Funding, Medicare and payment plans for Body Lift Surgery by Dr Patrick Briggs

Funding Bodylift (Body Contouring) – Medicare, Payment Plans and Super

Some Bodylift (Body Contouring) procedures may be eligible for Medicare.

Purely cosmetic Bodylift surgery procedures are usually NOT covered by Medicare or private health insurance so you must fund the cost of the surgery yourself.

Many patients ask about payment options and medical finance – You can learn more about payment options for funding your Bodylift (Body Contouring) procedure on our Funding Surgery page here.

Your super fund may also be able to help pay for your procedure in certain circumstances – visit the Super for Surgery page to find out about early release of super on compassionate grounds.

How to find the best Body Lift Specialist Surgeon in Melbourne

How to find the best Body Lift surgeon in Melbourne

Your surgical results will depend on the surgeon you choose. Since body lift (body contouring) is a major procedure, you’ll need a top body lift plastic surgeon. A reputable body lift surgeon has the following qualities:

  • A Specialist Plastic Surgeon who is a Member of ASPS5 star online reviews from patients.
  • Extensive experience in different types of body contouring surgery.
  • Patient Before and After Photos .
  • Empathy and caring with recovery and aftercare.
  • A great support team with long term follow up.
Risks and complications associated with Body Lift Surgery

Risks and Complications of Body Lift Surgery

Like all surgical procedures, Body Lift surgery has risks and complications. Your Surgeon will make you aware of potential complications during your consultation and how these can be avoided, including:

  • Skin or wound infection
  • Changes to nipple sensation including loss of feeling/sensation changes to the breasts
  • Potential disruption of nipple functions that may impede breastfeeding
  • Breast asymmetry or uneven nipples
  • Scars or skin markings, dimples or inverted nipples
  • Other risks of surgery in general such as having anaesthesia, circulatory risks and bleeding
  • Unfavourable scarring
  • Blood clots
  • Poor wound healing
  • Breast contour and shape irregularities

Visit the page For more information about risks and complications

Combined Body Lift Procedures in Melbourne

Can you have multiple body surgeries at the same time?

Some body surgeries can be performed at the same time with minimal risks. However, other surgeries that are performed at once can increase your risk of developing problems and other complications. To ensure your safety, consult with a top surgeon with vast experience in body contouring surgeries. For further body contouring options by Dr Briggs, send an enquiry form today (click the button at the bottom of this page).

Dr Patrick Briggs Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Patrick Briggs
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Dr Patrick Briggs is a Specialist Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and his team are dedicated to excellence in patient care and are committed to treating each and every patient with respect and privacy.

Dr Patrick Briggs offers high quality, natural-looking plastic and cosmetic surgery results and is experienced in BreastBody and Face Surgery having performed over 4500 Surgeries in private practice. Dr Patrick Briggs is an expert in breast, face and body surgery for men and women.

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What Next?

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Dr Patrick Briggs consultation

What to Bring to Your Consultation

  • If you like, please bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices.
  • Take a lot of notes and thoroughly examine the documents your surgeon provides.
  • You may need to undress so it’s a good idea to wear simple clothes.

How to Book a Consultation

  • Dr Briggs Consultation fee is $300.
  • A referral from your GP or your specialist is helpful but not essential. However,
  • To claim any Medicare or Health Insurance you will need a referral.
  • Please contact the Patient Care Team at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery today to book your consultation.

*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient. The information we provide is general.  For further information on what to expect for your preferred procedures, arrange to see one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for a full history and surgical consultation.