Will Medicare Pay for Extended Abdominoplasty?

Will Medicare cover extended abdominoplasty after weight loss? – Extended Tummy Tuck Medicare Guidelines

After significant weight loss or weight loss surgery, you may require an abdominoplasty or extended tummy tuck to remove excess skin or repair weakened abdominal muscles. While this operation is usually done for cosmetic reasons after pregnancy, it is often integral for patients to correct excess skin after surgical weight loss procedures. But, will Medicare cover an extended Abdominoplasty? Read on to find out.

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What is an extended abdominoplasty?

An extended tummy tuck or expanded abdominoplasty procedure involves a surgeon removing excess skin from the patient’s front and sides. It also improves muscle laxity at the flanks (love handles) and hip region.

The extended tummy tuck was developed after surgeons acknowledged that traditional tummy tucks (just the front overhang or pooch) improved the abdominal area but not the flanks or back.

Thousands of patients that have undergone this procedure have excellent results. Placement of the extended abdominoplasty incisions is a critical skill. It ensures that patients can cover and hide their scars easily with bathers or underwear.

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Are you considering an extended Abdominoplasty?

Many patients feel a great deal of pressure to appear perfect. Abdominoplasty can improve your appearance and your quality of life. However, it is also a major surgery and is not suitable for everyone. If you are obese, consider if you have done all you could before surgery. This includes dieting and exercise.

In November 2018, Medicare made several changes to its benefits scheme. As a result, many procedures that Medicare previously covered, were reduced reimbursement or have been removed from coverage altogether.

Generally, Medicare does NOT cover the cost of cosmetic procedures, and some private health insurance will NOT cover it, either. However, if your extended abdominoplasty (or normal abdominoplasty) procedure is done for reconstructive reasons, Medicare may cover part of your costs. You can discuss this with your specialist surgeon for more information.

Medicare will provide a modest rebate if you satisfy the weight loss criteria. You will need to demonstrate:

  • That you have had significant weight loss, defined as 5 BMI points or more
    • This must be unrelated to pregnancy
    • In women, this means a weight loss of at least 15 kgs or more without weight fluctuations in the last 6 months
  • The level of excess skin is interfering with daily living
  • Use of non-surgical treatments for skin irritation caused by excess skin, has failed to work
  • You have a hernia that can be documented in an ultrasound

Unfortunately, Medicare does not provide assistance for women suffering from muscle separation or excess skin related to pregnancy. This is despite the demonstratable, significant improvements in back pain and incontinence for women that have muscle separation repaired with a tummy tuck. The government is currently reviewing its position on this. but it is uncertain if this rule will change.

What do I need to qualify for extended abdominoplasty medicare?

Before a surgeon will perform your operation, you will need to be at a stable weight. Your surgeon may ask to postpone your operation if you still have weight to lose. Abdominoplasty will not prevent you from gaining weight in the future.

If you are under 18 years old, you will need to undertake a psychological assessment and wait for a cooling-off period of up to 3 months before having this major cosmetic procedure. However, this will not apply if you are having surgery for reconstructive reasons.

What is the cost of extended abdominoplasty

A number of factors determine the cost of abdominoplasty surgery. These costs vary from patient to patient and include:

  • Surgeon fees
  • Anaesthetist fees
  • Hospital fees
  • Medication
  • Dressings
  • Support garments

Your surgeon will provide you with information, in writing, about the cost of your abdominoplasty. This information will include:

  • The total cost
  • Details of deposits and payment dates
  • Payments for follow up care
  • Possible further costs for revision surgery or treatment

Am I a good candidate for an extended Tummy Tuck?

An extended tummy tuck is often an effective treatment for patients wishing to refine their figure following substantial weight loss. These patients usually need help to restore tone and contours to the abdominal, hips, flanks, and back muscles and are usually suffering from excess skin. This excess skin can often weight several kilograms

An extended tuck incision spans the entire length of the abdomen and extends to the back of your hips. Your surgeon tightens muscles and creates a new navel to match your new body shape. Further, your surgeon  may also use liposuction to achieve ideal body contouring.

Once excess skin has been trimmed, the abdomen, hips, flanks and back, the incision is closed with sutures. For the best body contouring results, your surgeon may also undertake an arm lift, thigh lift, or liposuction with your tummy tuck.

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