types of motiva breast implants

Which Breast Implant Size is Right for You?

Learn more about the right breast implant size that will best suit the results you want to achieve. Which Breast Implants Should I Get? Are you planning to undergo breast augmentation with implants? Are you experiencing difficulty choosing the right surgeon and medical facility? For many patients, these are just a few questions they want answers to
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Breast-Augmentation-Surgery-Melbourne recovery

Is My Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Normal?

Knowing what to expect on your breast augmentation surgery recovery journey can help reduce your anxiety as well as improve your adherence to post-operative instructions. Is Your Breast Augmentation Surgery Recovery Normal? Undergoing breast augmentation surgery is an extremely personal decision. While it may take you some time to come to the decision, the results of the
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Will Medicare Cover Breast Reduction Surgery?

Will Medicare and My Private Health Insurance Cover My Breast Reduction Surgery? If you’re contemplating a breast reduction chances are you want to know if your Private Health Insurance and/or Medicare will cover any or all of your surgery costs. Medicare rules and regulations are very strict when it comes to any form of Breast surgery.
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How to treat an inverted Nipple without surgery

Can Niplette help your Inverted Nipples? Read about this non-surgical solution Have you ever looked at your nipples and wondered “Do they look normal”? Well, just as breasts come in different colours, shapes, and sizes, so do nipples. They could be protruding, flat, or even inverted. You may think that having flat or inverted nipples
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Choosing the Best Bra after Breast Surgery

Wearing a bra and support garments after breast surgery is vital for not only a good and safe recovery but also for a good end result. This article dives into details about the different types of bras and which may be best for you after breast surgery. Recovery Guide – Download Dr Briggs FREE Guide
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Risks-breast surgery melbourne

Minimising Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery

If you have heavy breasts that not only interfere with your looks but cause immense back pain, having breast reduction surgery is a great option. It is one of the most successfully performed plastic surgeries around the world. Breast reduction can give you a more proportionate body, relieves strain on your back, shoulders, neck and can offer you
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Breast-Lift-or reduction Plastic-Surgery

Surgeries for Drooping Breasts – Do you need an uplift?

Drooping Breasts ? If you need a Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Breast Lift and Augmentation or a Breast Reduction with a Lift Download this Guide When it comes to surgery for drooping breasts, the variety of breast surgery procedures can be quite confusing. How do you know if Breast Lift surgery is the right surgery
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do i need a breast lift

Do I need a Breast Lift?

How Do I Know If It’s Time for a Breast Lift? Sadly gravity will impact breast tissue over time. Women generally require a breast lift for sagging breasts. These procedures address the effects of passing time, long-term gravity, hormonal changes related to ageing and weight fluctuations or obesity. So how do you know when it’s time
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benefits of breast augmentation

8 Surprising Benefits Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

You’re like a lot of women, the thought of getting breast implants can be both scary and exciting. These feelings are perfectly natural, of course. Surgery is not a minor decision, and you’ll be changing your body shape and the way you look. However, 95 to 98% of women say the results of breast enlargement surgery
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Asian Breast Augmentation and Reduced Scarring

Asian Breast Augmentation patients and people with darker skin (more pigment) may be more prone to excessive scar tissue formation after surgery. Sometimes scars also appear more visible on darker skin, including olive, tan, brown, black and other melanin-rich skin tones than they appear on skin that has less melanin or less pigmentation. Visibility is different on different skin
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