Male Breast Reduction Without Scars

Male Breast Reduction Surgery or Gynecomastia Surgery is the surgical procedure that helps reduce the size of a man’s chest volume. For those of you who don’t know what gynecomastia is; it refers to the condition of enlarged breasts. According to research, every third man under the age of 40, and every other man over the age of 50 struggles with enlarged breasts. This is a major aesthetic concern in men and can take a toll on their confidence levels. It can even affect men to a point that they shy away from certain physical and sexual activities.

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Male Breast Reduction

What causes Gynecomastia?

  • There are several factors that can cause Gynecomastia including;
  • Hormonal changes
  • Liver Disease
  • Kidney concerns
  • Genetics
  • Certain medication
  • Weight gain/obesity.

It is important to get a medical examination done to ensure that enlargement of breasts is caused by pseudo gynecomastia (a result of excess fat) or glandular gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can occur in one or both sides of the chest. Some of the most common symptoms include the increased diameter of breasts, trouble doing physical activity, tightness in the chest or increased nipple sensitivity.

What Is Scarless Breast Reduction for Men?

Most people who undergo gynecomastia surgery are concerned with post-surgical scars. Every cosmetic procedure comes with a certain amount of scars. It is important to share this concern with your surgeon and get a suitable surgical plan for yourself.

If you don’t have severe gynecomastia that is usually accompanied by excess skin, a liposuction technique could help rid you of your enlarged breasts. It is a minimally invasive option that does not cause visible scars. Not all patients can get effective results with this technique especially if they have excess skin. But those who can are very lucky and won’t have to worry about post-surgical scars. It is also considered a less traumatic way to get rid of excess fat in the chest area and comes with other benefits such as smoother, quick recovery and minimal incision care.

The safest techniques so far are vaser and safe ultrasonic lipo. They are proven to be way more efficient and also work well with skin reduction/tightening. The surgeon makes a small incision in the armpit area to get rid of excess fat and create a more muscular/flatter look to the chest. As the scar is well hidden in the armpit area, you won’t have to worry too much about it. In the case of a scarless gyno, the surgeon will use a single dissolvable suture to close the incision which results in an imperceptible scar.

This type of male breast reduction procedure generally takes an hour to complete and is performed under general anaesthesia. So, if you are someone who has been looking into the surgery this could be the answer.

Importance of Post-Operative Care for Scar Reduction

While recovering from male breast reduction, it is important to take care of your incisions properly to avoid infection and scar formation. If your recovery process is slow, your scars will be thick and pronounced. Therefore, it is important to follow the right post-operative instructions to prevent rope and rigid scars. Below are a few of the tips to help;

1. Do not Smoke

This one is a no brainer. Every cosmetic surgeon will ask you to quit smoking for a certain period before and after the surgery. This is due to the fact that can delay the healing process which results in thick scarring. So, you will have to quit smoking for at least six weeks after the surgery.

2. Adjust the Meds

Your surgeon will also ask you to stop taking certain medications and herbal supplements. Prior to the surgery, your surgeon will look into the medication you have been taking to eliminate the ones that can hinder the healing process.

3. Incision Care

Keeping your incisions clean and dry at all times is vital and helps immensely with wound healing. Try your best to care for your incisions as per the surgeon’s instructions.

4. Exercise with Caution

It is recommended to avoid exercising till you are fully healed because excessive sweating will not only put a strain on your body but can also irritate the incisions. Be sure to ease back into exercise once your surgeon gives the green light.


Scar Removal Options

Some people are bothered by even the tiniest scars even if they are concealed in the right places. Here are a few tips on caring for the scars and minimizing them:

1. Scar Massage

Yes, it is a thing. The massage involves gentle movement of fingertips in vertical and horizontal motions on the scar. Once the vertical/horizontal movements are done, you can massage on and around the scars in circular motions. This helps increase collagen production which in turn helps to minimize scars. There is no scientific evidence behind it but it is worth trying it. Aim at massaging the scar for 10 minutes at a time, up to three times a day.

2. Silicone Sheets

Silicone sheets are the first line of defence used by surgeons against the formation of rigid scars. Most surgeons recommend patients start using silicon sheets once their incisions are fully healed. Silicone sheets or scar gel sheets come in the form of a bandage which can be easily placed on any part of the body. What they essentially do is that they hydrate the skin to prevent dryness and impart skin flexibility. They are only helpful if you decide to use them shortly after the surgery and also help with reducing pain, discomfort, itching and cracks.

There are specific scar gels that can be used on both fresh and old scars. Make sure to take your surgeon’s advice on which one will work best. If used regularly, they can lighten the scars and in some cases reduce the size of the scar as well. However, it is very important to be consistent and do it regularly if you want to achieve the desired results. Heads up! It can take several months.

3. Embrace Dressings

They are FDA approved and applied immediately to the incisions after surgery. Supposedly, they speed up the process of healing and pull the edges together. The dressings contain silicone which is a huge help with scar minimization. One can wear these up to a year after the surgery. Even a study done in 2015 shows that people who used these dressings for twelve months see a significant reduction in the scars. Research proves it, try it, be consistent and you will see the results.

4. Fractionated Lasers

People have been using fractional lasers to get rid of all kinds of marks and scars on their bodies for years. They are also a great option for gyno scars. However, you will have to wait for quite some time after the surgery till your scars are fully healed. If your scars are very long and thick, the fractional laser is a great option. The amazing thing about such types of lasers is their ability to target large skin areas in one go. It works on both epidermis and dermis, working on even the deepest scars. Immediately after the treatment, your scar will turn brown before healing completely. It is not a one session game, you will have to invest some time and it usually takes three to four sessions to see results.

5. Sunscreen

A simple but effective way to prevent scars from darkening up further is to wear sunscreen even if your scars are not being directly exposed to harmful UV rays. Sun has the potential to darken the scar tissue, making it more visible. A dark scar is difficult to get rid of and we all know that prevention is better than cure. So get your hands on some good quality sunscreen. Make sure it’s SPF30 or higher and keep reapplying it throughout the day. Once your incisions are healed, this is the first step you need to take if you are concerned about post-surgical scarring.


Do Gyno scars go away?

How long do Gyno scars last?

  • The scars last a lifetime but are generally well hidden.
  • If you are bothered by the scars, you can discuss scar removal options with your surgeon.

How can I reduce gynecomastia quickly?

  • In some cases, reducing overall weight helps immensely. It will get rid of the fat in your body and reduce man boobs to an extent.
  • However, in most cases, surgery is required which gives instant results.

How can I get rid of gyno without surgery?

  • If your man boobs are a result of excessive weight and obesity, shedding excess pounds can work in your favour. However, in some cases, you will be left with loose skin which still requires surgery.

Is gyno surgery permanent?

  • Yes, the results of the surgery are permanent as long as you maintain a healthy weight post-surgery.

Do I have gynecomastia or am I just fat?

  • The best way to know that is by visiting a health care professional. They will get a series of tests done such as blood tests, urine tests, an X-ray to differentiate between gynecomastia and fat.

Does insurance cover gyno surgery?

  • In most cases, gyno surgery is not covered by insurance as it is a cosmetic treatment. However, if there is an underlying medical condition involved, insurance might cover it.

Can I get male breast reduction without surgery?

  • Unfortunately, there is no permanent way to get male breast reduction without surgery. You can go for a minimally invasive options but there will be some surgical elements involved.

What does gynecomastia surgery cost Australia?

  • The cost can vary significantly based on the expertise and experience of the surgeon, facility and the location. On average, it costs around $7,000 to $8,900.

What does gynecomastia surgery in Melbourne cost?

  • The cost of gynecomastia surgery in Melbourne is around $7,000 to $8,900.

Can I get a gynecomastia surgery medicare rebate?

  • If there is an underlying medical condition involved with gyno, you can get a medicare rebate.

Where can I get realistic gynecomastia surgery before and after photographs?

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