Liposuction Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction by Liposuction 

When undergoing Liposuction Breast Reduction Surgery General Anaesthetic is usually the anaesthetic of choice. Once the anaesthetic has taken effect your surgeon will create an incision around the areola, down the front of the breast and into the fold. Your Surgeon will then remove excess breast tissue and skin. Next, they will reposition the nipple and areola.

Once the breast size and shape is complete, your surgeon will close the incision using sutures. In some cases, your surgeon may place a surgical drain. Your surgeon may do this in order to prevent the accumulation of blood and other body fluids inside the breasts.

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Your surgeon will advise you that during your recovery period, you should wear a support bra in order to protect and maintain the new size and shape of your breasts.

While large breasts are usually inherited. Several factors can contribute to an increase in breast size, including; hormonal fluctuations, multiple pregnancies and menopause.

Women who live with large, heavy breasts might suffer from backaches, neck pain, shoulder pain as well as other discomforts. In order to experience relief from these discomforts and allow them to participate in activities that were formerly difficult due to large breasts, these women may undergo liposuction breast reduction surgery.

Liposuction with Breast Reduction Surgery

Liposuction Breast Reduction Melbourne - Dr Patrick Briggs Top Plastic Surgeon

Traditional breast reduction techniques can lead to significant scarring. These concerns have led to the emerging use of liposuction in breast reduction surgery either as a primary or adjunct modality. In fact, liposuction breast reduction surgery has been around for over two decades now because of its advantages over traditional breast reduction.

Various innovations focused on patient safety and better surgical outcomes have now been used in liposuction breast reduction surgery. Depending on the breast volume, body type and cosmetic preferences, different surgical techniques may be more suitable for you.

The following new techniques now help ensure high-quality patient care:

Use of pre and post-operative mammogram.

Surgeons once thought that liposuction breast reduction surgery could only be successful in patients with fatty breasts. Although liposuction can remove fat more easily than breast tissue, the procedure can significantly reduce the size of firm breasts with a large amount of tissue by using the proper surgical techniques and cannulas.

By ordering a pre-operative mammogram, your surgeon can assess breast fat and tissue content to determine the right surgical techniques. In addition to this, a pre-operative mammogram can determine the presence of medical conditions that may affect surgical outcomes such as breast cancer. After 6 months of surgery, most surgeons recommend another mammogram to assess healing and presence of complications.

Correct patient positioning.

After a liposuction breast reduction surgery, you may be at increased risk for breast asymmetry. To ensure symmetrical elevation to counteract the natural gravitational pulling of breast tissue, most surgeons recommend to place post-surgical patients in an upright position.[4]

Use of proper cannulas and surgical techniques.

Surgical incisions may be made around the areola (periareolar), below the mammary gland (inframammary), or underarm (axillary). Once these access incisions are made, most surgeons recommend using 3-mm to 4-mm cannulas attached to a 60-ml syringe, and the dissection is performed in a spoke wheel pattern.[5] Finally, your surgeon may use absorbable sutures to close surgical wounds.

Other Breast Reduction Techniques performed by Dr Patrick Briggs include:

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