How Many People are Getting Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery?

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

With so many people suffering from obesity it’s no wonder getting Bariatric Weight loss surgery has become popular. In truth, a lot of people who have struggled long term with obesity, find that lifestyle changes alone aren’t enough to help them lose weight.

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Increase in Bariatric Procedures

As stated previously statistics show a significant increase in bariatric surgeries. Statistics also show that:

  • 34.2% of the bariatric surgeries were Roux-en-Y gastric bypass procedures,
  • Meanwhile, 14% of the bariatric surgeries involved gastric banding,
  • And, 42.1% of the surgeries involved gastric sleeves,
  • While only, 1% of the procedures involved the duodenal switch method.
  • in addition, 6% were revisional surgeries
  • Finally, 2.7% of the bariatric weight-loss surgeries were classified as “other”

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