Wearing Compression Garments after Plastic Surgery – Why they are a MUST

Compression garments need to be worn after plastic surgery. They serve a critical function in recovery after major surgical procedures. They are a crucial part of postoperative care following plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, mammoplasty, breast augmentation surgery, abdominoplasty, face lifting, neck lifting etc.

Why should I wear a Compression Garment after plastic surgery?

The use of compression garments helps to accelerate the healing process and improves your postoperative prognosis. Furthermore, it helps in stabilizing post-operative changes while also reducing pain and swelling associated with the procedure. It supports your healing wound and reduces stress and tension on the incision line. This can help in minimising scars.

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What are the benefits of using a compression garment?

1. A Compression Garment Helps reduce swelling.

Swelling occurs postoperatively when too much fluid builds up in the cavities or tissue of the affected part. It is a very common complication following plastic surgery that can result in weight gain and fluid retention. The use of a compression garment can help reduce this swelling by compressing the body part that you have had surgery on.

2. A Compression Garment can help reduce postoperative Bruising.

In addition to reducing swelling, compression garments reduce the chance of bruising as well. Surgery disrupts blood vessels. Wearing compressive garments postoperatively reduces the chance of bruising by compressing the vessels and keeping the red blood cells from percolating towards the epidermis. Not wearing a compression garment considerably increases the chance of postoperative bruising.

3. A Compression Garment can help reduce postoperative pain.

Compression garments also promote circulation and decrease swelling, which in turn accelerates your recovery which reduces the body’s inflammatory process, resulting in less pain. Furthermore, the pressure caused by garments helps in reducing pain.

4. A Compression Garment can help to reduce postoperative skin sagging.

Compression garments hold the skin to underlying tissues tightly and accelerate the body’s healing process. Especially after liposuction, where excess fat is removed, leaving excess skin behind. Compression garments help provide the skin with support, holding your skin in place—thereby reducing postoperative sagging.

5. A Compression Garment can help reduce infection.

It provides a mechanical barrier to your skin, protecting you from infections. By promoting circulation it encourages cells to fight against infectious pathogens; thus reducing your chances of infection.

6. A Compression Garment can help maintain your new contour.

The plastic surgery procedure helps you get the desired contour to your body, but the changes obtained after the surgery are maintained with the help of compression garments.

7. A Compression Garment can help promote circulation.

After your plastic surgery procedure, you will need to have some time off work to rest and recuperate. However, restricted mobility increases the risks of clot formation and venous incompetence due to the decrease in circulation. This can have devastating consequences.

The use of compression garments can help squeeze your peripheral blood vessels and promote circulation reducing the risks associated with poor circulation like DVT

8.A Compression Garment provides comfort and Support to helps in easy mobility.

9. A Compression Garment helps reduce the chances of keloid scar formation.

Keloids form due to the accumulation of excess scar tissues in your healed wound. Wearing compression garments helps soften and break down keloids.

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