Breast Implant Profile and Projection – Best Implant Profile – High Profile, Moderate Profile or Other Profiles

If you’re planning on undergoing breast augmentation, one of the most challenging decisions you’ll encounter is choosing the best implant profile for your body frame. This can include the appropriate; size, shape, position, and type of breast implant that will fit both your lifestyle and preferences. To guide your decision-making process, take time to read
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Different Types Of Motiva Implants in Australia

Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation to increase the size and enhance the shape of their breasts. There are several different brands of Breast Implants available in Australia. Motiva Implants are the latest breast implants available in Australia, Europe, and Asia. Dr Patrick Briggs is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne who has performed
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Saggy Breasts – Causes, Symptoms, and Surgical Solutions – Implants, Lift, or Reduction?

As the years go by, the breasts start to lose their perkiness and become saggy. This is a normal part of the ageing process. But, the sagging could also be the result of drastic changes in weight, childbirth, abnormal breast tissue enlargement (macromastia), and hormonal changes. To restore that perkiness and youthful vigour, countless women
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Body Lift Surgery FAQs

Body Lift Surgery FAQS about Different Types of Body Lift Dr Patrick Briggs offers Body Lift Surgery for excess skin removal after massive weight loss. Below he has given answers to some of the most common Body Lift Surgery FAQs for reducing excess skin after massive weight loss. FAQs about Different Surgeries for Excess Skin Removal after
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Labiaplasty Recovery

Better Labiaplasty Recovery – Tips & Healing after Labia Surgery

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure on the vaginal area to improve both function and aesthetics. It can be done for either purely cosmetic purposes (to make it look different) or to correct health concerns such as painful sexual intercourse and skin irritation associated with excessive vaginal folds or tissue. If you’re unsatisfied with the appearance
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Mummy Makeover Recovery

Better Mummy Makeover Recovery – Timeline after Breast & Tummy Surgery

Mummy makeover surgery is a group of procedures that aims to improve your body contour after pregnancy. This can include breast augmentation, breast lift, liposuction, and/or tummy tuck. If you are considering a Mummy Makeover, there are some important things you need to know to make your recovery as safe and comfortable as possible. Why
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